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Get To Know Online Gambling Indiana

Welcome to your one-stop resource for everything betting-related in Indiana!  There is a lot of talk in the U.S. these days about gambling, and with laws changing on a state-by-state basis around the country, it can be overwhelming to stay on top of everything happening in your home state.  Luckily for you, our team of experts scours the news every day to make sure this site is the most up-to-date online, so all you need to do is bookmark this page and check back whenever you are interested to hear the latest on gambling in the Hoosier state.

Online Horse Racing Betting

While there has been a lot of news in the last year regarding sports betting legislation, many folks may not realize that land-based and online horse racing betting has been legal in Indiana for years.  We have a staff of horse racing fanatics that not only review the different betting site options available to Indiana residents but will also guide you through the whole process of betting on the ponies.  From how to read a racing form to an explanation of all the different bet types available on a race, you will come away from this page feeling ready to place your wager and cheer on your horse!

Online Sports Betting

2019 was an exciting year for many fans of sports betting across the United States, and this includes residents of Indiana.  With sports betting legislation passing in the state, 2019 saw the introduction of both online and retail sports betting across the state.  Early results were incredibly positive from a handle and revenue standpoint, and with more digital brands planning to come online in 2020, there will be a full playing field of competition.

Trying to determine where to make your bets can be a cumbersome task, but we have given you the tools to help make your decision much easier.  We have reviewed all the sites that are available, comparing, and contrasting their offerings so you can quickly find the site that caters to your gambling needs. 

Our Online Sports Betting section also covers all the bet types that are popular as well as some of the more obscure bets you may not have ever heard of – in this era of advanced analytics and live data, the sports betting landscape is constantly evolving, and we are here to help you get the most out of your gambling experience.

Online Casinos in Indiana

When the sports betting legislation was being discussed in Indiana, fans of other online games were listening intently to hear if casino games were going to be included in the law.  Unfortunately, that did not come with the 2019 bill that was passed into law.  However, with a robust land-based casino market in the state, and neighboring states like Illinois adding online casino games to their legislation, we expect that there could be an amendment to the current law in Indiana to provide an opportunity for these games to be offered.

Regardless of the state of the law, our casino team has outlined the basics of how to play all the online casino games you’ll find at a site, as well as a little more advanced strategy for certain popular games like Blackjack.  These tips and tricks will also help you at the live casino tables.

Online Poker in Indiana

Online poker enthusiasts have not had much to be happy about in the last decade.  Long gone are the glory days of the unregulated industry where thousands of players could be found online at any given time in massive tournaments.  Since the Department of Justice closed down the major sites in 2011, only a handful of states have enacted poker legislation of their own.  However, with the continued popularity of the game and the increased exposure of gambling to Americans with the changes in sports betting legislation, states like Indiana could very soon be adding poker back into the mix.

Our online poker section is currently dedicated to making you a better player – tips and strategy from our poker experts to help you improve your Hold’em game, as well as introductions to the other poker disciplines that will make you a better overall player.

Online Lottery Games

Indiana is one of a few states that allows residents to not only check their tickets online but also purchase tickets to many draw games that are available in the state.  While some states force their online players to subscribe to a minimum number of draws to be able to purchase tickets from their mobile devices, residents of Indiana can simply purchase a ticket to whatever individual draw they want.  This means that someone in the state can become a multimillionaire in games like Powerball without even leaving the couch!

Daily Fantasy Sports

While the country was still trying to determine the fate of online poker and sports betting, a new category of gambling emerged with the rise of Daily Fantasy Sports.  Companies like Draft Kings and Fanduel became synonymous with the game. However, some states took a hardline stance against the game, considering it to be as illegal as other forms of gambling.  Indiana, however, went the other direction on this topic.  In 2016, before he was elected to Vice President of the United States, then Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a bill into law that would make the state only the second to officially legalize daily fantasy sports.

Despite the introduction of standard sports betting in the state, Daily Fantasy Sports continues to be very popular as more of a social game.  It is, of course, still a game you can make money with, so we have come up with a series of strategy articles you can read to make your DFS experience more enjoyable and hopefully more profitable!

Online Gambling FAQ

Are visitors to Indiana allowed to bet on sports online?

Yes, the restrictions on betting in the state are based on the physical borders. This means that someone who travels to Indiana can create an account at an online sportsbook, make a deposit, and start betting.   However, these apps and sites will be blocked to the player as soon as they cross the state line. 

How do you make a deposit at an online gambling site?

With the new legislation, a whole range of options for payments opened up for gambling enthusiasts.  You can currently use traditional methods like credit and debit cards (bear in mind that the issuing bank still has the right not to accept gambling transactions) as well as e-wallet solutions like Neteller and PayPal.  Down the road, we may even see cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin be available for bettors to make deposits and withdrawals.

What about offshore gambling sites?  Are they still open to Indiana residents?

Despite the changes in legislation for sports betting and Daily Fantasy Sports, offshore-based sites are still operating in Indiana.  This means that you are still able to create accounts and play at online casinos, sportsbooks and poker sites that are based outside the U.S. While these sites may offer a compelling reason to play with them, you need to consider the additional risk you are taking by sending your money to a site that is not bound to any legal ramifications if they mess with your account.  Even though it may be tempting, we never recommend to our readers that they use these offshore sites -there are now plenty of legal sports betting sites available in the state, and we are certain that legal online casino and poker sites are not far behind.